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Prizes UAbierta 2016

¡Congratulations to all the participants!

From the University of Alicante and the Vicerrectorado of Technologies of the Information wants to stand out the big work and effort realised by all the participants and resaltar that has been very difficult to award the prizes of this contest given the big quality of all the applications.


Record of the jury

Winners of the Contest of Applications 2015


Prize to the best Model of business (1.000%u20AC)


Andrea Lluch Cruz, Jorge Juan Oliva Castle, Jesús Rodríguez Room and Javier Rodríguez Room

Gluubo Is a platform created to share positive experiences and offer to the university community a place in which can aim to cultural meetings, sportive and of leisure, organised by other students, egresados, professors or companies. The platform Gluubo centres in covering the need that so much the users like the companies have to generate community. By this reason, the companies that use the platform will obtain recommendations, visibility and traffic of customers.

Gluubo Provides the necessary tools so that the users give of high the activities of fast and simple form. Besides, it creates of automatic form all those activities that provide from the portal of open data. The inclusion of open data offers us the advantage to have of a big quantity of evento of more than 60 cultural organisations, of leisure and sportive of all the province. This solution is designed to be accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers. For this has developed a version web responsive multiplataforma.




1º I reward campus and university life (750%u20AC)


Francisco Agulló Antolín, Ulises Serrano Martínez and Jorge Torregrosa Lloret

Web application for the gestión of sportive activities in university centres. The application proposes the listing of the activities offered by the centres, showing to the user data advanced of the same as it can be description, place and hour of realisation, registration in the activities by part of the users. It includes the access to the webs of distributors of sportive materials specialised in the distinct activities, so that the purchase of the necessary accessories was the but rapida possible. Finally, in the application, add a series of social nuances, so that the users can offer his opinions on the sportive activities to the rest of users. Another of these elements, for example, is the connection of the application with distinct social networks, like this these activities can be shared, spread and increase the number of users of these activities.

Application: continuous



Accésit Campus and university life (250%u20AC)


Pedro López Jiménez and Lara Moon Gave Saint

ViajUA Is a mobile application and Web that allows to put in contact of easy and direct form to all those drivers that wish to share his car in distances to or from the University of Alicante with other members of the university community. This network of contact integrated in the network of the University, facilitates the transport to the campus of all the students that do not possess own car and come from of places badly communicated with the University. To his time, the drivers can save money sharing the costs of the petrol with his passengers. Boost the use shared of the car would do that the number of cars that access to the University reduced . This would mean a descent of the traffic, so much inside the campus as in the roads of access to him, what would translate in a more sustainable University, clean and engaged with the environment.

Application: viajUA




1º I reward teaching and Investigation (750%u20AC)


César González Dwells

UAlumno Is a destined application to the students of the University of Alicante, with the aim that they can carry a follow-up of his progress in the degree that are cursando. Therefore, in addition to obtaining information on the degree and his asignaturas, will be able to enter the qualifications obtained in the distinct examinations, compare his performance with the one of other students or previous courses and check how goes his progress. Also it has other interesting options for the students, as they can be the configuration of a personal schedule or compare the price of his degree with other degrees of the UA. In definite, is an application whose aim is to facilitate to the students carry a follow-up of his progress along the degree, and therefore, that improve his performance and can enjoy of the free time.

Web application: UAlumno




Accésit Teaching and Investigation (250%u20AC)


Luis Francisco Albert Navarro

Doing use of the data of the projects and articles published by personnel of the University of Alicante, InvestigaUA, that is the name given to the application, is a referent of query and contact so much for personnel of the university community like PDI, PAS, professors and students, as for extraneous personnel to the university, as they can be companies, collaborators, official entities, etc...

With InvestigaUA can know the data of projects and articles, link to the articles in the repositorio of the University of Alicante, know the data of contact of the authors of the articles and of the directors of the projects in the directory of the University of Alicante. InvestigaUA Can turn into a referent for the own administration of the University of Alicante, for the departments of investigation, in a support for educational and students and even in a catalogue of reference for extraneous entities to the university with interests related with the investigation.

Poster: investigaUA




1º I reward visualisations (750%u20AC)


Fernando Colom Jover

Becatcher Is a graphic tool that pretends to approach the information of scholarships and helps to all the members of the university community, of an efficient way, optimised and visual. It is born with the aim to improve the service of information of scholarships and helps, approaching it to the user. It converts the research of scholarships and helps in a task amena, visual, direct and compact, leaving backwards the need to read a big quantity of information to know which scholarship satisfies your interests. An only chart that sintetiza a lot of information. It does not pretend to modify the processes of selection, neither the formalities, neither the bases, no. Only it optimises the transfer of information of the paper to the user (university community), creating a visual and aesthetic bridge that ensure that the one who does not request a scholarship or help does not do it by fault of time or information, if no because for real it does not need it.

Web page: Becatcher




Accésit Visualisations (250%u20AC)


Edgar Bellot Micó

MyMetrics Is a web application that has like aim show of a form resumida, simple and graphic all the information related with the publications of the researchers of the UA and the impact that have had all over the world.

MyMetrics Helps of indicators altmetrics to show information eat: visualisations HTML and downloads of PDF, comments in magazines, scientific blogs, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and other media, markers Mendeley/CiteUlike, appointments in the academic literature, etc.

Application: MyMetrics













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